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Polo Shirt Design Competition

We’re thrilled to announce our polo shirt design competition for the upcoming Jamboree. This is your chance to have your artwork proudly worn by thousands of Scouts across the nation! All you need to do is let your imagination soar, following the guidelines below. Let’s make this Jamboree the most memorable one yet, starting with an epic polo shirt that captures the spirit of adventure!

Entries must be received by 30 November 2023. Send your entries to


In addition to the pride that your design is being worn by thousands of Scouts, you will have the privilege of selecting a prize from the enticing array of options below. Whether you’re interested in a collection of Scout merchandise to show off your pride, or even an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Jamboree site, there’s something for everyone. It’s our way of saying thank you for contributing your creative talents to make AJ2025 an event to remember!

  1. An opening night VIP experience for you and your Jamboree Patrol at the entertainment arena.

  2. Photo session at Australia Zoo

  3. Back stage passes for a night of entertainment

With more to choose from….

Design guidelines

To ensure that all submissions can be easily printed using a sublimation process and remain consistent with our brand, please adhere to the following guidelines:

General guidelines
  1. The polo shirt is a standard short sleeve shirt however the it may end up with long sleeves.

  2. Design Format: Submit your design in an electronic format. Download an entry form here.

  3. Color Guidelines: Stick to the CMYK color model, as sublimation printing does not support RGB.

  4. Design Area: Keep in mind that the shirt will be produced using the sublimation printing method. All areas of the shirt can be used but take into account that the design may be distorted around a body.

  5. Sublimation printing is a digital printing technique that utilizes heat-sensitive inks to transfer a design onto a suitable material. In this process, the ink is transformed from a solid state to a gaseous state, bypassing the liquid phase, to bond directly with the fabric. This results in a design that is not only vibrant and detailed but also long-lasting, as the ink becomes a part of the material itself. Sublimation printing is ideal for complex and multi-colored designs, and it allows for all-over printing.

AJ2016 Polo as an example

Jamboree Logo
  1. Inclusion: The unaltered Jamboree logo must be included in the design.

  2. Placement: The logo should be clearly visible on the front of the shirt.

  3. Colors: The colors, style or dimensions of the Jamboree logo should not be altered.

  4. The AJ2025 logo can be downloaded here.

Text Requirement
  1. Inclusion: The text “AJ2025” and the dates “6-15 January 2025” must be included in the design.

  2. Font & Size: The text should be legible.

  3. Placement: The placement of the text should be harmonious with the overall design.

More information can be found within the Australian Jamboree 2025 Brand Identity Guide.

Competition Terms and Conditions

  1. Eligibility: The competition is open to all registered Scout members.

  2. Design Guidelines: All designs must strictly adhere to the supplied brand identity guide and these guidelines.

  3. Submission: Designs must be submitted by the deadline.

  4. Original Work: All submissions must be original work and not infringe upon copyrights, trademarks, or any other intellectual property rights.

  5. Judging: The Jamboree Executive Committee will select the winning design.

  6. Usage Rights: By submitting a design, you grant us the right to use, reproduce, and display the design for any purpose related to the Jamboree.

  7. The selected design may be subject to modification for placement or further refinement as deemed necessary by the Jamboree Executive Committee.

  8. Some or all of the elements of the design may be used for other participant items such as the scarf.

  9. Notification: The winner will be notified via email.


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