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There are many ways in which Scouts can fundraise to help pay their pay to AJ2025. By working to raise funds for their Jamboree experience, it can be very fulfilling and rewarding when you arrive in Maryborough.

Here are just
a few fundraising ideas:

BBQs and Sausage Sizzles

A great way to fundraise for Jamboree. Engage with your local Bunnings hardware store who encourage community groups to use their facilities and take the proceeds of a days selling at the entrance of their store

If your Scout Hall is used at an election polling venue for an election this year, this would be another great opportunity to run a BBQ to raise money for AJ2025

Recycling/Container Deposit Schemes

Many Australian States and Territories run a Contain Deposit Scheme where you get a refund when recycling certain items. Be creative and find ways to collect as many recyclable items applicable to the scheme in your state to raise funds for the Jamboree

More info:

Selling Christmas Trees

A way to raise funds for your Jamboree experience is to sell Christmas Trees through your Scout Group.

Trivia Nights

Running a Trivia Night at your scout hall is a great way to raise money for AJ2025. For a small cost you can purchase a pre-made trivia night kit online (or save money and make your own). Hold it in your scout hall if possible, saving costs on venue hire. Send invites out and promote to your local community and charge a reasonable ticket price.

You can also approach local businesses requesting in-kind donations of prizes which will entice people to buy tickets to attend. Not only will it be a fun night, but you also have the opportunity to raise a lot of money for you and your friends to go to the Jamboree. 

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