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Contingents are the state-wide/national groups which you belong to and attend the Jamboree on behalf of (example: VIC, SA, TAS, New Zealand, etc). Contingents are responsible for all the youth members and leaders from their home state whilst they are at the Jamboree. International Scouts and Leaders will also be part of a contingent for their home country.


The cost of attending the Jamboree is dependent on your Contingent, based mainly around the transport to the Jamboree that they have chosen. Each Contingent will issue merchandise for their members which may include a polo shirt, luggage bag, backpack, lunchbox, etc (check with your Contingent).


The CMT (Contingent Management Team) are a group of adults who manage and run all aspects of each Contingent. They are your main point of contact for the Jamboree.

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