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Get ready to embark on a remarkable adventure, one that is set to redefine your Scouting journey! The 26th Australian Scout Jamboree will be a whirlwind of thrilling experiences, unforgettable connections, and a platform to unlock your full potential. This is your chance to be a part of an event like no other, where exploration, and fun, reign supreme!

Before you start packing your gear and marking off the days on your calendar, it’s important to ensure you’re eligible to participate. We’ve designed the Jamboree to cater to a range of Scout members, each with their own unique potential, passion, and preparedness. The Participant Eligibility Requirements are a guide to help you understand the specific criteria that will set you on your path to the Jamboree. Let’s embark on this quest, your way! Please reach out to your Contingent if you want to discuss your eligibility.


Did you miss out on a recent Jamboree or a major state event? AJ2025 brings you a golden chance to rectify that missed opportunity! Venturer Scouts aged 15 and 16, this is your chance to dive back into the thrilling Scout program at the Jamboree. Come and experience the adventures, the learning, and the sheer joy of being a part of a Scout Patrol. Experience a Jamboree as a Scout once again. See below for more information.

Ensuring that every young person is set up for a successful and enjoyable experience at the Jamboree is of utmost importance to us.


The eligibility criteria listed below are designed to make certain that each child is adequately prepared and equipped for the full 10-day camp experience. We understand that each Scout is unique, and there may be individual considerations or concerns.


If you have any questions or need clarification regarding your child’s specific eligibility, please reach out and discuss directly with the contingent team you’ll be attending as part of. Both the Contingent teams, and us are here to assist and ensure the best possible experience for all involved.

  • Must be a current registered Scout Section Member at the time of the event and through until at least 15 January 2025.

  • Must not have had their 15th birthday as of 6 January 2025

  • Must have met the requirements, before 1st December 2024:

    • Program Essentials Milestone 1, as well as Outdoor Adventure Skills Stage 3 in Bushcraft, Bushwalking, and Camping.

  • Must have completed 10 nights camping under canvas with the Unit or Patrol at a Scout camp.

    • Three of those nights must be consecutive and camping with family or school is not considered within the ten nights.

  • Must have approval from the Unit Council.

  • Must have consent from their parents/guardians.

  • Must be considered by their parents/guardians and Unit Council to be of both sufficient maturity and good behaviour to successfully participate in the event.

  • Be approved by their Contingent Leader in line with their Branch policy.

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